What is this service and why would I use it?
Please see the about section for details.
How much does this cost?
Nada, gratis, nothing, so it's really good value.
I can't remember my login details, how do I request these?
You can use the password reset form. which will email you a link to reset your password.
The URL I'd like is already taken, can you replace it with mine?
URLs are created on a first come first serve basis so you're out of luck, sorry about that.
I think I found a bug/issue with the site, how do I report this?
Great, we're always on the hunt for any technical bugs. Please log in and use the form on this support page to send us a message explaining the issue.
Can this service be used for personal links?
No, this service is only for HSC URL's or links to third parties in relation to HSC work.